Hi! *Waves vigorously at you with a big grin*

I was told years ago by multiple people that I should blog. These people were acquaintances and friends alike. They liked the way I worded things. The way I thought. The way I take a step back from the world and attempt to view it from all angles. I like it take it all in. They also say that I have a calmness about me, I think that’s why.

I’ve been writing since I was little. I would write poetry and short stories but hated (and I mean HATED) writing book reports in school. My poems have actually been published in multiple arenas. I guess that makes me a published poet huh? Nevertheless, I was never sure about writing my thoughts or my truth for the world to see in such a vulnerable setting as this.images

The question is, to blog or not to blog? That has been my question for years! I am definitely full of prospective but I’m not close minded. This is why I have long and random conversations with the few people that I call friend. I like having an intelligent (or not so intelligent given the topic) conversation. But hey who is the authority on what an intelligent conversation is? See what I just did there? That is why I have been told I should blog. I’ve  been called the “peacemaker” or “devil’s advocate.” I’ve  even been accused of always finding the silver-lining. This is normally said with a negative connotation. I say, “Why is that a BAD thing?” I seek to understand. And I ask questions to do so. Seeking understanding without judgement brings me peace. I want to understand the opposing views, culture, actions, etc. of another. All while remaining open. I am COMPLETELY OKAY with agreeing to disagree. Far too often this seems like a lost art. I think that’s why people find it so rare in me and to be honest many don’t understand it so they don’t like it or me. Guess what? That’s their prerogative.



Anyway, the question was, “to blog or not to blog? ” I think I’ve decided to give it a go. I’ve decided to share my thoughts, opinions, random life questions, etc. with you all. I’m going to, “let you in.” I may even share pieces of projects that I am working on. Here is forewarning. I am spiritual. I am eclectic. I am an old soul and yet a free spirit. I’ve seen a lot. I’ve been through a lot. You never know what you might get but know that it is honest and that it is my truth.


The sky is the limit right? Wrong!

I’m reaching beyond.

I hope you enjoy the ride!



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