Why not just draw celebrities?

The title of this piece gives it away; why don’t I just draw celebrities? I have been asked this question countless times. It’s normally accompanied with justifications ranging from, “It’s what people like…you’ll get more followers…” to “hey there is notoriety in it”. All true and all things that it feels like EVERYONE is doing. I’ve never been a “follow the crowd” type of person.

If you’ve read my page then you know that although I do commission work, I prefer to create from the heart. I prefer to feel a real connection to the piece. This doesn’t mean that I will never do pieces with celebrities. It means that they will just be more than that. In fact, I have used a celebrity in my work before. It simply isn’t obvious or “in your face”.

This piece:

“Colorful Success” is a collage piece. It consist of varied skin tones and images of indentured servants. These pieces are put together in the form of an image of Kerry Washington from a magazine back in 07/08.If you look closely you’ll also notice that the word AFRO is to the left and BLACK is to the right. This was done to signify the transition. The purpose of the entire piece was to show some of the history that has helped get her/us where she/we are today. 

*If you like this piece, prints are currently available here: Colorful Success (opens a new window)

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