I’m Back

*Long post alert* #idontnormallydothisbut lol Some of you may have noticed my absence from social media over the last month or so, well… I’M BACK. I needed to take some time for me. I needed to take a step away. Go on vacation and love.
There were things and people that I felt were causing me to hinder myself. Normally I’d just say “f” them but when you care about people, that can be a bit difficult. Issue is, the message that has been given to me in mediation and that resides in my soul is the same. It is to “LIVE OUT LOUD.”
I’ve been working out what that means for me at this point in life. Yet, I find issue when it comes to Social Media. What I post on my social media shouldn’t hurt someone else. Directly or indirectly. It also shouldn’t cause anger and backlash, subtweets or comments. Nor should I or anyone else be called out of name.
Thing is, if I am living & speaking my truth, living in my moments, speaking life, and being light, what is the real problem?
I had to remind myself that the problem isn’t mine. I had to remind myself that issues, specifically indirect ones are the cause of others. The issue is with their feelings & actions.
If I am to be true to myself and heed the word given to me, I can no longer carry the burden of another. Therefore, I will be working towards posting what I want, when I want. Why? Because I am dope and I am unapologetic about it. Does that mean that I plan to be nasty to people? No. “Don’t come for me though.” Come correct or do not come at all. I am living my life. I prefer it be drama free. The truth is what it is.
Friends, I ask that you be patient with me. I am not perfect. Nor do I normally post everything that occurs in my life. Truth is, I probably still won’t. The things that I would love to share with the world… I will. I would say without hesitation but that isn’t realistic. So I will say that I will work on eliminating hesitation.
Anyone who takes issue with that can ask themselves why and do the work to rectify it.

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