663 MAIN: Fine Art by LeAndra Crystal

LeAndra Crystal, has had a pencil in her hand since the age of two. Although others have tried to get her to put it down, she has always found her way back. Growing up as a “Tomboy” & only child, she found art as a way to express herself.

LeAndra Crystal enjoys experimenting with different mediums and creating whatever is placed on her heart. She is inspired by life, love, culture, the spiritual, and experience.

Thoughts on the creative process:

“There are times that I create to tell a story. There are times that I created to convey a message. There are times that I create to express a feeling. Then there are times that I create… simply to create, to be free. This is me. This is who I AM as an Artist. I don’t fit in a box.” 

– LeAndra Crystal

While LeAndra currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, her creative heart is connected to 663Main; the place that fed her creativity and was her first childhood “home.” This is why she has given her work the home of: 663Main: Fine Art by LeAndra Crystal.

You are invited to walk through the front door of her heart.

Welcome to 663Main; WELCOME HOME!



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