LYBY started because I have grown tired of watching women tear each other down. I have seen this more specifically from women of color. I surveyed my friends and other women that I knew for their thoughts on the issue. Everyone had something to say but no suggest on possible actions to take to bring awareness or change. So I asked myself, “What can I do? Where can I start? What would I say?” And so, LYBY; which stands for “Love You, Be You” was born. LYBY is a clothing line created to encourage, support, and empower Women. Far too often, we as women do not love and support one another. Furthermore, we neglect to encourage and love ourselves. Love of self and one another is pertinent to our being. LYBY is my way of taking steps to fill this void. LYBY’s clothes feature a series of statements from women to women, themselves, and the world. These statements are meant to foster the very thing that LYBY stands for and encourage you to “Love You, Be You”.

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